NAISSE (Naisse Hall of Knowledge; NS0189929-X) is a pioneering portal showcasing this integrative, systematic and holistic approach using Naqli (revealed knowledge via Quran and the Prophet Rasullullah’s Sunnah) and Aqli (non-religious rational knowledge encompassing science, technology, arts, humanities and the social sciences). Our focus aims on the remedies for four common illnesses in the bottom billion of the world which is; gastroenteritis, worm infestation, anemia, and fatigue. Eleven teams were established in conducting the search of primary sources in the field of :

Quran and Hadith
Malay Manuscripts
Pharmacology, Scientific Systematic Reviews
Data Mining
Animal Nutrition
Economic Development
Human Gut Microbiology
Anemia, Pathology
Experimental Helminthology
Community Health

These sources are then arranged systematically in the engine for researchers and individuals to view. For now, we have covered two main prophetic foods which are dates and goat’s milk. Other prophetic foods will be updated in the future as the system is consistently being updated for new information.

It is hoped that the search engine will be the global reference specializing in prophetic foods to assist in the efforts of countering the common illnesses of the bottom billion.

The establishment of the search engine is the result of research by the Niche Research Grant Scheme team of Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia under the funding of Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia.

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