Privacy Policy

NAISSE Hall of Knowledge (NHK) is a non-profit organization and its operating budget is comprised mostly on user registration, NHK will be transparent and consistent in committing to the Islamic syariah law of wakaf.

  1. NHK will accept registration fee in the form of cash, checks, money orders and payments via online gateway.
  2. Registration fees shall be solicited in a respectful manner and without pressure.
  3. Funds received can never be returned.
  4. Where appropriate and advisable, NHK may enter into a written gift agreement with a user which shall specify the terms of any restricted gift, which may include research facilities, maintenance necessities, laboratories, or sites, regarding user recognition.
  5. NHK’s acceptance of pledges of future support (including by way of matching gift commitments) shall be contingent upon the execution and fulfillment of a written Charitable Pledge Agreement, on a form supplied by NHK, which shall specify the terms and conditions of the pledge including any provisions regarding user recognition.
  6. NHK shall provide written acknowledgement of all gifts made to NHK and comply with the current governmental policy requirements in acknowledgement of the gifts.
  7. NAISSE Hall of Knowledge (NHK) is a non-profit organization and contributions made to the organization are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.


Subscriber Privacy Policy

NAISSE Hall of Knowledge has put this policy in place to protect the privacy rights of our subscriber. We recognize that our subscriber care deeply about how their personal information is used and shared and we value the privacy and security of our subscriber. This Subscriber Privacy Policy addresses our practices for collecting, using, maintaining, protecting, and disclosing subscriber information. Please carefully read this policy together with our Terms of Use. We will never sell, trade, or rent your nonpublic personal information.



Important Information

By subscribing to NHK, you consent to the collection, transfer, processing, storage, disclosure, and use of your information in or to Malaysia, and other locations that may have different or less stringent data protection laws than your country, for the purposes stated in this policy. If you do not agree with the terms of the Subscriber Privacy Policy and the NHK Terms of Use, please immediately discontinue use of NHK subscription scheme. "Personal information" is information you provide us or information we collect from you that could be used to identify you. While we may not collect all of the following types of information, we consider the following to be "personal information" if it is otherwise nonpublic and can be used to identify you: Your real name, address, phone number, email address, password, identification number on government-issued ID, IP address, web browser user-agent information, credit or debit card number, bank account number and routing number, personal identification number in association with the relevant account; and When associated with one of the items in subsection (a), any sensitive data such as date of birth, gender, sexual orientation, racial or ethnic origins, marital or familial status, medical conditions or disabilities, political affiliation, and religion.



What Information We Collect

As a result of your interaction with our subscription page, making a payment, participating in a survey or providing feedback related to subscription, NHK may collect certain personal information, as defined above. We also may collect some non-personal information, such as:

We keep both personal and non-personal information confidential, meaning that we will not share this information outside of the NHK Organization except as permitted by this policy or in anonymized form. This Policy has been reviewed and accepted by the NAISSE Hall of Knowledge Board of Directors, which has the sole authority and discretion to change this Policy.



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